Bird Care: Keeping Happy And Healthy Lovebirds by Erika Busecan

Author by: Erika Busecan

File Name: bird-care-keeping-happy-and-healthy-lovebirds.pdf


Genres: Nonfiction

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If you don't own yet a bird and you want to purchase one, or you already have one and want to learn more interesting things about them like, how to understand your parrot`s behavior to avoid situation of biting, how to understand your parrot`s body language, how to teach them to talk, what steps you must follow if your bird is escaping and you want to bring it back, how to hand feed a baby parrot and much more, then this book could be interesting for you.
You can read the following chapters:
Areas of a Lovebirds
Life span
How to choose the right bird
General criteria
How to purchase a healthy bird
How to determine the parrot`s gender
Life with cage birds
Preparing your house for the new arrived parrot
The transportation of the parrots
The new arrived parrot's diet
How to train your parrot
Talking and training
How to train parrots to stop biting
Learn to observe your parrot's body language
Cold season, hot season
How to care of your bird in cold season
How to care of your bird in hot season
Cages and accessories
Cage location
Toys and accessories
The anatomy of Lovebirds
Respiratory organs
Digestive components
Urinary tract organs
Genital organs
The eyes
The ears
The main diet of Lovebirds
Cleaning your parrot's house
How to hand feed a baby parrot
Molting How to maintain your parrot's health
The first sign of disease
Few advices about how to keep your parrot healthy
How to recognize the abnormal droppings
Feather picking and self-mutilation
How to catch and manipulate your parrot without hurting it
How to choose the right avian vet
What should you know, when you inform your vet
Microchipping your parrot
How to take care of the beak and the nails of your parrot
How to clip your parrot's wings
Bathing your parrot
The special needs of the parrots
Flying exercises
Bedding materials
The everyday life of parrots
Inappropriate perches
What you can do if your parrot escapes outside
How to prevent the escape
What you can do if your parrot has already escaped
How to administer medication to your parrot
Adding medication in drinking water
Adding medication in food
Liquid medication (Suspensions)
Injectable medication
Vitamins and minerals excess or deficiency
First aid kit for your parrot
Aviary plants and shrubs
Plants that could cause intoxication to your parrots


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