The Demon Hunter: 21 Days by Scott Spangler

Author by: Scott Spangler

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Genres: Paranormal

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Good and evil have been locked in a bitter war since the dawn of time. There are times when the front lines are far from Earth and evil is but a dark imprint upon society, but sometimes the war is much closer than one would like to think. It is at these dangerous times when evil things spill over into Earths reality. Rogue demons, called jumpers, seek to claim the world for their own and their vampire slaves, demon/human hybrids, stalk the night spilling the blood of the innocent. All that stands in their way is a hidden network of demon hunters, a select group of human warriors responsible for hunting down and destroying these vile beasts. Working with their partners, known as anchors, their arsenal is a mixture of the ancient and the futuristic.
Blake, despite his rebellious nature, is one of the best hunters in the network. His propensity to break the rules is surpassed only by his ability to drive his anchor, Father Ray, absolutely nuts. He despises his role, to which he was driven by events out of his control. He considers it his purgatory. Hes a hunter with an attitude.
Father Ray is a Catholic priest, catering to the dwindling masses in a cancerous ward of the city, sometimes clinging to his faith by a thread. He is Blakes anchor, providing logistical and technical support during missions on Earth and beyond. It is Father Ray who first comes into contact with Sarah, a girl endowed with some very unique talents.
Sarah has been having prophetic visions since she was a young girl. She also possesses the supernatural ability to sense and generate jump portals - rifts in the fabric of reality used by the hunters to travel to other worlds and dimensions in search of their prey. It is a power over which she has little control. Considering her gifts to be a curse, they have recently begun to point toward a frightening event - the end of the world.


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